Three Deaf & A Prized Calf: Story Of You, Me & Social Media

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In this blog post of District Mumbai: Lets see what happens when an awkward blunder occurs from a person acting under a mistaken notion.


Today, there is no denying that social media platforms have become meet-up spots for social interactions which includes accessing news, exchanging opinions, spreading information, marketing products, sharing personal moments & experiences.

With each passing day, social media sites are becoming more influential tool. Mainly because of its interactivity, where you can reach and connect with millions of people in real-time. Secondly, because the content on social media is user-generated and hence perceived as raw and unfiltered; compared to the content out there in the traditional media, which is generally known for it’s refinement and political correctness.

However, this notion for user-generated content on social media can be taken advantage of, by someone who frames the content that is actually manipulated with mala fide interests and is systematically intended to influence the content-consumers out there.

Everyone who consumes social media content (including you) would agree with the fact that there are both, pros and cons of user-generated content on social media that potentially reaches out to millions almost instantly. But one definitive thing that social media has managed to do is, make our society much more aware and knowledgeable of worldwide issues, news and affairs.


Via medium of this story, we will see how a blunder occurs when a person starts acting under a mistaken notion. This content is not directed or targeted to anyone in specific, rather the entire scene is presented to you and left onto you to relate to your situation. Enjoy your read!

The Story

In a remote village there lived a couple. Both of them were quite deaf, to an extent that they couldn’t understand what the other person spoke. Plus, they both were illiterate and didn’t know to write; as such, the only way they could communicate with each other was via sign language. So, to make their daily living efficient and to avoid miscommunication, they had agreed upon a household arrangement.

That thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), the wife would cook rice and dal for meals; twice a week (Tuesday & Saturday), the wife would cook roti and a mashed potato dish for meals; and twice a week (Thursday & Sunday), the wife would cook mixed vegetable rice with curry for meals. Thus, every week the same dishes were repeated.

On one such Wednesday, while taking his meal, the husband found the dal and rice so very tasty that he started praising his wife in joyous mood by singing songs and love poems for her. He wanted to have the same meal be prepared even for the next day, and so he excitedly instructed his wife to do so. But! The deaf wife didn’t understand a thing of what he said, neither the praises, nor the songs, not the poems and definitely not the instructions. She just observed that her husband was happy and content after eating the meal, and in happiness and excitement kept blabbering something.

And thus, according to the established house rule she cooked mashed potato dish along with roti next day (Thursday). The husband, when he sat down for his meal, looked visibly disturbed and upset to the wife. He found his order disregarded and got enraged, then he threw his plate against the wall and left his house in a rage. While doing so in anger fuelled emotion, he hurled abuses at his wife for disrespecting him. But! The deaf wife didn’t understand a thing of what he said and neither did she know the reason why her husband got so visibly furious. She quietly ate her fill.

The angry husband went out and sat down in a place besides the nearby crossroad, to calm down his anger. It was his favourite spot to pass his time, looking at the ongoing people and their activities while sipping a cup of tea from the nearby tea-stall. This was so engaging for him that it made him forget his worries, as if he dove into a completely different world.

Just then, a shepherd happened to pass that way. Coincidently, the shepherd too was quite deaf. He had lately lost a cow and calf of his, and had been trying to find them for some days now. When the shepherd saw this man calmly sitting besides the road, he assumed that this man must be a fortune teller; so he politely requested the man to guide him using his knowledge of astrology, where his cow and calf were most likely to be found.

After repeated attempts by the shepherd to seek guidance, there was no response from the man (of-course because he was deaf and didn’t realise that the shepherd was speaking to him). The shepherd took that this fortune teller was in some kind of meditation, so he kept trying tirelessly to establish a communication with him.

Now, the deaf husband who was already very irritated because of his wife’s behaviour, didn’t understand a thing of what the shepherd said. He abused the shepherd and told him in profuse anger that he wished to be left undisturbed. But! The deaf shepherd didn’t understand a thing either of what this deaf man said. On the contrary, when the angry husband was abusing the shepherd, while doing so he stretched out his hand, pointing to the shepherd’s face. This pointing, the deaf shepherd understood as an indication of the direction in which he is supposed to look for his cow and calf.

Thus, the shepherd took-off in that direction, to look for his cow and calf. To his delight and merely by chance, he found them both together. His joy knew no bounds and he was completely ecstatic upon finding them finally. He thought to himself that the fortune teller who guided him, had done him a great favour by helping him find his cow and calf. The shepherd also assumed that the fortune teller indeed possessed powerful knowledge and that if he didn’t return his favour, it might upset the fortune teller and something bad might happen to the shepherd. But the poor shepherd had nothing except his cow and calf.

Now, the shepherd returned to the spot where he met the fortune teller, and pointing to his calf, the deaf shepherd requested the deaf man to accept it as a prize for helping him find his cow and calf.

It unfortunately happened that the calf’s tail was visibly crooked and seemed broken. The deaf man thought that because he abused the shepherd earlier, now the shepherd is blaming him unreasonably for having broken the calf’s tail and trying to frame a charge on him, while he knew nothing about it. So, the deaf man, denied the charge and in doing so he waived his hand in denial almost instantly, then he started ignoring an eye-contact with the shepherd to further avoid and communication.

The deaf shepherd mistook this as a refusal of the prize that he offered to the fortune teller and assumed that the fortune teller was not interested in the calf, but demanded the cow as prize. The irked the deaf shepherd and he told to the deaf man “how greedy can you be! I can only promise you the calf and not the cow, for that’s my only source of income”. The deaf man replied in return, “I know nothing about your cow or calf and I never broke your calf’s tail, someone else might’ve done it.” They kept quarrelling without understanding each other for a long time.

This is when a third person happen to pass by. For a while he observed them both quarrel and soon understood that they both are deaf and are not able to understand each other, and that’s the cause of their dispute. He desired to profit out of their stupidity and thus interfered in their conversation. He started talking to the shepherd in a loud voice and told him, “You just walk away with your cow, all these fortune tellers are greedy. Don’t worry about him, leave your calf with me and I’ll make him accept it after you’re gone”

The deaf shepherd was obviously quite relieved and much pleased that he finally managed to secure his cow. Without wasting a minute, the shepherd quickly walked towards home leaving the calf with the third person and under the impression that the third person will make the fortune teller accept it as his prize.

Soon after the shepherd was gone, the third person made the deaf man believe that the shepherd had gone to call the police and would unlawfully try to frame him in an offence which he never committed. The third person even suggested to the deaf man that, he tried a lot to explain the shepherd, but it was in the nature of the shepherd community that they always want to harass others who try to live peacefully.

The third person presented himself as a friend and well-wisher of the deaf man and convinced the deaf man to flee the scene while he handles the matter for when the shepherd returns. He gestured to the deaf man that he’ll somehow prove his innocence to both, the shepherd and the police. The deaf man, now much relieved and pleased, ran home to escape from the consequences of supposed guilt.

And at the expense of the stupidity and lack of understanding between the deaf shepherd and the deaf man, the third person manipulated & influenced them to walk away with the undeserving prized calf.

The deaf husband, on his return to home, quietly sat down for his dinner, and his deaf wife served him the leftover mashed potatoes and roti. Upon eating the first bite of the meal, he surprisingly found it very tasty that he demanded another serving. The deaf wife gestured to him that she had already emptied the pan. “Then at least bring me the mashed potatoes that is sticking to the saucepan,” suggested the deaf husband; and the deaf wife did accordingly. This ends our story!


When you sit by the crossroads of social media, be mindful of the fact that you’ll meet passer-by from different walks of life who come there with their own emotions, ideologies, issues, causes and rants. Everyone will not be able to relate with each other very well, as such, the possibility of misinterpretation, things blowing-up out of proportion, miscommunication, misunderstanding or words falling on deaf ears rises with each passing post on social media.

It is these misunderstandings, which pave way for awkward blunders out there. This is where the third person comes into the scene, who operates with mala fide interests and whose sole purpose is to profit from such misunderstandings. This third person often, under the pretext of being a well-wisher, manipulates & instigates us against each other by spreading false information and disrupting communal harmony.

Eventually, when hatred and fear grows in the society, the beneficiary of it is often the third person, who walks away with the prized calf. While you’ll have to return empty handed and carry on with your life in the same old manner.

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