Ever Heard Of Rajbag Beach In South Goa? We Went There!

Rajbag Beach In South Goa - Featured Image

In this blog post of District Mumbai: Read a visitor’s testimony of Rajbag beach in South Goa. It used to be a deserted shore but is now opening itself to visitor’s. If you are planning to travel to South Goa and want to explore Rajbag beach, then this blog would be able to answer all your questions.

In case if you still have some unanswered questions then feel free to put them across in the comment section below this post; this way our traveller’s community can participate, exchange and learn from information that is being shared on District Mumbai platform. As usual, we will try to give you a close enough glimpse of the destination through some selected few images, but not too many that’ll take away the charm of your experience when you actually visit the place. So let’s begin!

I was at Patnem beach for the first time and it was my second day at this small peaceful laid-back beach. I was at one of these colourful beach shacks during evening hours, enjoying the beautiful sunset view along with some of my favourite Goan snacks and beverages. The whole scene itself seemed picturesque and perfect; the pleasant weather, the calm sea, the clear water, the uninterrupted sunset view, other people at the beach, the food and soothing music of this lovely shack, everything was just perfect the way it was.

View Of Patnem Beach From Rajbag Beach In South Goa
View Of Patnem Beach From Rajbag Beach

As the day was slipping in to evening, I was ready to come out of the cosy ambience of this shack, on to the open sand area of the beach; I requested the shack staff to shift my food and beverage out on one of the many sun beds. Upon seeing my keenness to enjoy the uninterrupted sunset view, the shack lady walked up to me and struck a casual conversation; during which she mentioned about the Rajbag beach and how easy it was to reach there via Patnem beach, apparently just by walking along the seashore. Since it was my last evening in Patnem, I decided to explore the unexplored on that beautiful evening itself.

First Impression

Isolated Rajbag Beach At First Glimpse
Rajbag Beach First Glimpse

Just further towards the south of Patnem beach is Rajbag beach, you can easily walk from Patnem to Rajbag along the shoreline, through the rocky patch that separates them. At first sight, Rajbag just appears to be an isolated strip of golden sand beach with far too many palm trees and bushes.

The state of greenery, the sand and sea water at Rajbag beach, themselves speak about their unadulterated and unaltered characteristics.

As you further approach closer to the beach, you’ll notice couple of shacks right in the middle of the beach; these shacks have very few to almost no customers. It’ll make you wonder, why on earth would someone open up a cafe on an almost deserted strip of beach?

The Beach

All my curious questions about the Rajbag beach started getting answers as soon as I finally entered and walked further in to this beach. The length of this beach is approximately 1 Km, which ends at the mouth of the Talpona River to its south, where the river merges in to the Arabian sea. Almost entire coastline of Rajbag beach is dominated by this enormously built “LaLit Golf & Spa Resort”, which seems like a 5-star property. This resort alone is a massive structure and runs parallel to the entire length of beach, so much so that anyone would assume that Rajbag beach is a private beach which exclusively belongs to this hotel; however, it is not.

Talpona River Merging Into Rajbag Beach Backwater

Needless to mention that if one would like to stay overnight at this beach, they wouldn’t have much to choose from, in terms of accommodation; even if one manages to find a homestay in the town behind it, it would not have a convenient access to the beach, as the majority of convenient location is occupied by this extravagant resort.

The Background Story

Upon speaking with one of the local village-men who was at the beach, I learnt about its past in brief. Until few years ago, the Rajbag beach was mostly deserted throughout the year due to its remote location; it never managed to attract tourists. It used to be so deserted, that it was previously known as a smugglers port, where people used to smuggle goods across the border with neighbouring state of Karnataka.

Deserted Rajbag Beach
Deserted Rajbag Beach, South Goa

Speaking about this grand hotel, the hotel itself was in controversy when it was built, as the initial hotel plan involved demolishing of the Hindu temple which was adjacent to the beach and was held sacred by the locals. After a lot of local opposition, finally the hotel developers scrapped the demolition idea and fenced the temple; but they later went to to construct their resort in such a way that the entire resort now surrounds the temple. However, you can visit this temple without entering the resort.

The Tourism

Sunset At Rajbag Beach
Sunset At Rajbag Beach

Off-late, this isolated strip of beach is slowly getting popular amongst the tourists; mainly due to this grand resort, and secondly, due to heavy footfall of tourist to the neighbouring Patnem beach during peak season. Rajbag beach essentially handles the tourist overflow from its neighbouring beach.

The beach itself is quite soothing, pleasant & clean; even though it appears like a private beach, it is open to everyone. The 2 shacks, a bar and a restaurant at the beach, both belong to the resort; even those visitors who are not hotel guests can order from here though. If you don’t intend to spend a night in this lavishly build expensive resort, then you can simply visit this beach for a day-long trip or a pleasant evening.

Getting Here & Activities

Talpona River To South Of Rajbag Beach
Talpona River To South Of Rajbag Beach

If its a low-tide and the water is low, then you can simply reach here by walking from Patnem beach; otherwise, make use of the narrow road that runs behind the beach from Patnem to Rajbag. Once here, one can also enjoy some paddle boating in the Talpona river towards the southern end of this beach. Further across Talpona river, are couple of more small isolated beaches like the Talpona beach and Galgibaga beach; local boatmen will be happy to ferry you across the Talpona river for a nominal price.

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