Patnem Beach In South Goa – 2021 Visitor’s Diary

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Patnem Beach In South Goa Featured Image

In this blog post of District Mumbai: Read an Indian tourist’s testimony of Patnem beach in South Goa. Patnem beach has subtly grown popular amongst foreign tourists in the past decade, so much so that the number of foreign nationals clearly outnumber Indians at the beach at any point of time during peak tourists season. If you are planning to travel to Patnem Beach for the first time, then this blog would be able to answer all your questions about Patnem Beach.

In case if you still have some unanswered questions then feel free to put them across in the comment section below this post; this way our traveller’s community can participate, exchange and learn from information that is being shared on District Mumbai platform. As usual, we will try to give you a close enough glimpse of the destination through some selected few images, but not too many that’ll take away the charm of your experience when you actually visit the place. So let’s begin!

Just 3 Kms further south from the bustling Palolem beach, is this beautiful strip of Patnem beach. If you were to describe this beach in one-word, then that word would be “laid-back” (please consider this as “one-word”:-).

This golden sanded beach shines with natural beauty, hence often referred to as South Goa’s hidden gem.

Patnem Beach In South Goa
Beach Huts Shacks At Patnem Beach South Goa
Beach Huts Shacks At Patnem Beach South Goa

Patnem is a small and peaceful beach, which serves as a good place to escape the crowd of somewhat mainstream Palolem beach. This strip of beach is well set-up with beautiful beach-huts and shacks; but these are not in excess that they cause a space crunch or bother the visitors. In fact, this beach is popular for its comfortable shacks with cosy ambiance. Another striking feature of this beach is its cleanliness (considering that cleanliness is actually a necessity, it is not exactly supposed to be a striking feature but it has become one, specially at touristy places).

Patnem Beach Landscape View
Patnem Beach Landscape View

If you are looking for a beach where you can just laze around and enjoy bright sunny days along with your favourite food and beverages, then Patnem beach in South Goa is your destination. This place doesn’t offer mainstream tourists water sports activities, at max you may find some surf-boarder’s as the waves at Patnem beach are decent for leisure surfboarding. Speaking of waves, the coastline of Patnem beach has shallow waters, which makes it a perfect spot for leisure swim in the sea. Off late, local boatmen have started offering short dolphin-spotting boat trips.


Beach Restaurants At Patnem Beach In South Goa

Coastal regions are known for their wide variety of sea-food, it’s no different here in little Patnem town, which has an amazing variety of freshly cooked sea-food for its visitors. Apart from the typically Goan cuisine, the shacks here specialize in serving Italian, Mexican & Chinese cuisines. This is mainly due to the fact that the beach receives a lot of foreigner tourists; so much so that throughout the year the number of foreigner tourists outnumber the Indian tourists.


Nightlife in Patnem is just like its days, laid-back; got to respect the vibes of the place. Some shacks would organise live music at times during evening hours and would encourage the tourists to join in. At times, tourists themselves lit up bonfire and play their instruments while others dance and sing. However, if you want to party then the nearest convenient locations to do so would be Agonda or Palolem.


In addition to being a fantastic beach which offers fabulous food, Patnem is popular among foreign tourists as a Yoga hotspot.

Right from leisure Yoga sessions to Yoga camps to Yoga trainer courses to Speciality Yoga cooking classes, you name it and little Patnem town has it!

In fact, it has been termed as the best place to learn Yoga in India by some foreigners; and why not! With perfectly bright days, peaceful surrounding, scenic views, soothing sounds of the waves and delicious fresh food, who wouldn’t want to indulge in some meditative space coupled with some Yoga. Wherever there is Yoga, you’ll find Yoga trainers, Yoga institutes and Yoga studios. If you intend to indulge in Yoga here, your best bet would be to reach this place and observe for a couple of days, meet trainers in person and then enrol.

Ayurvedic Inspired Cooking

Not just Yoga, there are many cooking classes around little Patnem town too. Learn to prepare Indian cuisines of your choice, right from Goan Specialities to South Indian curries to some Ayurvedic inspired cooking. Again, to join one of these classes, I would advice you to reach the place and meet some of these chefs in-person before enrolling.

Beachside Spa’s

I doubt, if you require more convincing to visit Patnem once, but I’ve got this one additional information up my sleeve. If all of the above description couldn’t tempt you enough into visiting this awesome place, then I’m confident that a relaxing spa massage would indeed lure you into visiting this little Patnem town. There are a number of spa’s here, offering a wide variety of rejuvenating therapies. Just walk in to the spa of your choice and relax while enjoying the comforting vibes of this place!

Patnem Town

Our little Patnem town has a small cute market too! There are a few small shops along the road leading up to the Patnem beach. Apart from selling the usual touristy souvenirs and beach essentials, they sell essential food items, clothes, imitation and silver jewellery, bags, etc.. Some shops exclusively sell handcrafted articles which are made by the locals, purchasing from them is a good way to contribute economically in helping the locals uplift their living standards.


Most of the beach-huts and shacks at Patnem beach offer basic reasonably priced accommodation. If you are looking for some specific facilities like air-conditioned rooms, 24 hrs hot and cold water facility, etc., then you must try checking-out couple of hotels in the Patnem town. These won’t have as convenient access to the beach as the shacks and beach huts, but they are definitely not to far away from the beach either.

Beyond Patnem

Beyond Patnem, further towards its south, is the Rajbag beach; which is accessible from Patnem by walking along it’s shoreline. I have covered Rajbag beach in more detail, in another post.

Points To Be Noted My Readers!

  • Patnem beach and town is generally considered safe, however one must exercise caution while getting out on deserted streets during late night hours. Always keep an emergency flash light handy.
  • Patnem beach experiences bright and clear sunny days, so please carry appropriate sun protection gears like sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, caps, etc..
  • Carry earplugs for peaceful night sleep, dogs around the area tend to get a bit noisy.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian food is available too.
  • Indian tourists may find themselves outnumbered at this beach. Shacks tend to behave more courteously with foreigners, avoid getting into unnecessary arguments.
  • Foreign tourists may have a hard time with money exchange in this area, better change money at a bank in Palolem or any other convenient location, before coming here.
  • Please carry sufficient cash at this beach, some shacks do not offer digital payment facilities. Also, if you are short of cash, it is advised that you let the shack staff know before hand so that he/she can inform you if they can accept degital payments instead. This way you can avoid the unnecessary hassles and inconvenience of arranging cash hastily at the end. There is limited ATM facility in Patnem town.

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