South Goa’s Palolem Beach: 2021 Visitor’s Testimony

South Goa's Palolem Beach Visitor's Testimony 2021

In this blog post of District Mumbai: Read a visitor’s testimony of Palolem beach in South Goa. In the past decade, Palolem beach has been the most preferred choice of beach in South Goa for foreign and local tourists. However, in 2021 does Palolem beach still manages to hold on to it’s charm? Or is it loosing out to other South Goan beaches which have popped-up on to the scene? Let’s get to what our visitor had to say about their visit in 2021!

In case if you still have some unanswered questions then feel free to put them across in the comment section below this post; this way our traveller’s community can participate, exchange and learn from information that is being shared on District Mumbai platform. As usual, we will try to give you a close enough glimpse of the destination through some selected few images, but not too many that’ll take away the charm of your experience when you actually visit the place. So let’s begin!

What would be your description of an ideal beach? Imagine, a sun-kissed strip of rich golden sand with natural-green vegetation and tall palm-trees on one side along the shore; and clean blue-water sea on the other. Small waves crashing on the shoreline and the clear water slowly running back to the sea. A nice little joyful looking beach, full of life! Where there are a variety of birds and butterflies in vicinity. People seem to be enjoying their time peacefully; some playing volleyball, some just lazing on one of the many sun-beds, some reading a books, few practising Yoga and others enjoying their drinks in cosy beach-huts.

All the various colours on the beach appearing brighter in the glowing sun and the pleasant aroma of sea soothing the atmosphere. Overall, a postcard-perfect beach which promises you delightful experiences away from all the worldly chaos. A peaceful place where you’d love to be at all times. If this description fits into your imagination of an ideal beach, then Palolem beach of South Goa is your ideal beach.

Couple Enjoying Sunset View At Palolem Beach In South Goa
Couple Enjoying Sunset View

Palolem beach is one of the best of South Goan beaches, with a shoreline shaped like waning crescent moon. Its lazy beach life, friendly community of natives, picturesque natural beauty, peaceful surroundings and care-free beach parties are some of the most cherished aspects in testimonials of its visitors. When I experienced the Palolem beach vibes for the first time, I was completely blown away by what is remote South Goan gem had to offer.

This beach can cater well to any type of beach-person; Whether you’re looking for some beach adventure, happening nightlife beach-parties or just some peace and solace, you’ve found yourself a perfect hide-out!

Dip In The Sea

Travellers to Palolem generally seek relaxation and prefer to laze around on its peaceful shore in comfortable beach shacks. The beach itself is perfect for leisure swimming as the water is shallow at the shoreline and waves are gentle.

Magnificent Sea View At Palolem Beach South Goa
Magnificent Arabian Sea

Some swimmers experienced that the waves are much stronger at the southern end of the beach; I tried swimming everywhere, the southern, central and the northern parts of the beach and couldn’t tell much difference. If you know to swim then it shouldn’t be a problem as there are no steep slopes into the sea and the shoreline is pretty credible that way.


Beach Activities At Palolem Beach
Beach Activities At Palolem Beach

On a bright day at a peaceful picturesque beach, what more would you want to do? Would you like to spot some dolphins? Or maybe ferry across to a nearby island? Try some Yoga or guided Meditation maybe? You would definitely want to try a beach-side spa therapy, won’t you? Yes! doing all of this is also possible at this wonder-beach. Oh! I almost forgot to mention about surfboarding, paragliding, parasailing, night-time beach parties and souvenir shopping that you could do here; in addition to enjoying some of Goa’s best and widest food options between Goan, North Indian, South Indian, European and Mexican Cuisines.

Apart from water-sports, an adventure in which visitors like to participate is Dolphin spotting boat tours or visit to nearby secluded Butterfly beach, by boat. Local fishermen would be happy to ferry you across and back in their boats. Such tours can be easily coordinated and organized by your shack/beach-hut/hotel staff. By the way, it is called butterfly beach because the beach is shaped like a butterfly when looked from an aerial view.

Nearby Attractions

A more secluded Agonda beach is just a 15-minute ride away from here, Goa’s second largest wildlife sanctuary – “Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary” is approximately a 30-minute ride from here. If you are seeking isolation, then just ferry across to the off-shore Canacona Island (Kanakon Island). During low-tides, you can even trek across to the Canacona Islands and Butterfly beach. Did I mention about the horseshoe-shaped and naturally isolated Colomb beach to its south and about one of the highly rated South Goa’s Patnem beach which lies at approximately 3 kms distance to the south of Palolem.

Fishermen Boats At Palolem Beach South Goa
Fishermen Boats At Palolem Beach

Is that it? No! If all of the above seems too mainstream to you, then Palolem offers you an opportunity to indulge in some off-beat adventure; how about a mangrove boat-tour in Palolem beach’s backwaters through gorgeous canals and waterways? or going on a bird-watching tour? And if you’re a fan of Indian spices, then how about a visit to Goa’s famous spice garden to learn more about your favourite spices and even do a bit of spice-shopping!

Unique Beach Party

Night View At Colomb Beach In South Goa
Twilight Evening Hour View.

At last, this one striking event at Palolem deserves a special mention! Neptune’s Point, Silent Noise Weekend Headphone Party – A unique experience of its kind! Where organisers provide a headphone to each visitor before entering the venue; this headphone can tune into 3 channels depending on listeners music preferences. There are usually 3 Dj’s who play live music into the 3 different channels which can be heard via the headphone. Each visitor dances to the tunes of energetic live music by tuning into their preferred channel via the headphone interface. The 3 type of music choices are usually English, Bollywood & Regional.

Food & beverages are served here separately. It’s a completely energetic experience without disturbing the nearby local population as this beach party happens without any loudspeakers, hence “Silent Noise”. Neptune’s Point, Silent Noise Weekend Headphone Party is organized on weekends at the southern end of Palolem beach on the rocky patch that separates Palolem and Colomb beach. The event involves an entry fee (approximately Rs. 900) which includes the headphones but doesn’t include food and beverages cost.

Reaching Palolem Beach

Reaching Palolem from Dabolim Airport (Goa International Airport) in a private cab would take you approximately 1hr 30 mins and if you are coming from Panaji then it would take you approximately 2hrs to reach Palolem. If you are coming here from Mumbai, like myself, then my obvious choice would be a road trip to South Goa, the distance from Mumbai Suburb to Palolem via road is approximately 650 kms and would the approximately 12 to13 hours of driving along scenic road.

Points to be noted, my readers!

  • Apart from your summer and beach essentials, make sure to carry a flash light which would be really helpful in navigating through the beach during late night hours.
  • Carry some extra cash for this location, while majority of vendors here do accept digital payments, some do not. But you don’t need to risk carrying too much cash either as there is ATM facility in the town.
  • Carrying a first-aid kit is a must-have, though there are pharmacies and medical help available in the town; unlike cities, you cannot expect them at service 24×7.
  • If you have specific dates in mind for your visit during peak tourist season (October to March) then I would advice you to book your stay here in advance rather than relying on last minute bookings. Chances are that during peak tourist season you may not get good accommodation options at the last minute.
  • Beach-swimming accessories like floaters for kids and adults, swimwear, towels, etc.. are easily available in the market alongside the road that leads to the beach.
  • While there are beach-guards, make sure that while venturing out in the sea you exercise caution, specially if young kids are accompanying you.


Feeling overwhelmed with all that information about Palolem? I can understand! But I need to mention here that even if you do nothing, I mean absolutely nothing at Palolem beach! you’ll still cherish & be content with the bliss, solace and peacefulness of its pristine surrounding.

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