South Goa’s Colomb Beach: Secret Known By Few! What’s Here?

South Goa's Colomb Beach - Featured Image
The Secluded Colomb Beach Of South Goa.

In this blog post of District Mumbai: We will be discussing about the lesser known Colomb Beach of South Goa. If you are planning to travel to South Goa then this blog would help you learn about one such secluded beach out there!

In case if you still have some unanswered questions about this topic then feel free to put them across in the comment section below this post; this way our traveller’s community can participate, exchange and learn from information that is being shared on District Mumbai platform. As usual, we will try to give you a close enough glimpse of the destination through some selected few images, but not too many that’ll take away the charm of your experience when you actually visit the place. So let’s begin!

Goa is no stranger to increasing number of new and repeat visitors who land up at its shore in search of peace and solace. What was loosely termed-off as a “hippie culture” in 1960’s, has only matured since then, as more and more visitors turn to Goa year after year.

Colomb Beach Pristine Landscape View
South Goa’s Colomb Beach is one of the most secluded beaches of Goa.

It started when some pleasure-seeking travellers rolled up at then isolated northern beaches of Goa; the locals saw an opportunity and beach-huts started sprawling up on the otherwise vacant coastline of Goa. Annoyed by the commercialisation of their newly discovered beach-world, travellers started gradually drifting southwards along the untouched coastline of western India. As they kept moving south along the coast, they kept discovering new and almost untouched beaches in their quest to seek peace and solace.

Today, there are a number of such uncrowded beaches in South Goa which receive long-term foreign as well as Indian visitors. Of course, such beaches are not studded with extravagant luxurious stay options, beach-shacks & restaurants like other touristy beaches of Goa, but visitors have found themselves nice cosy homestays and nearby village houses on rent. One such cute little shore is Colomb Beach! Which is near Palolem beach in South Goa.

This beach is preferred by those who want to spend their time quietly in comfort of natural privacy, where life seems completely disconnected from the mainstream world.

Colomb Beach in South Goa | Blog By District Mumbai
Colomb Beach Aerial View
Aerial View | Blog By District Mumbai

What’s Colomb Beach Like?

About 2.5 Kms south of Palolem beach, is a picturesque Colomb beach! It is also referred to as Colom beach / Colomb Bay by locals. When you observe this beach from a height, you’ll notice that its formation is just like the shape of horseshoe. It’s a mostly rocky beach covered in golden fine-grained sand. Colomb beach is naturally isolated to such an extent that it is covered with rock formations, vegetation and palm trees on its 3 sides, leaving it with its only open end towards the magnificent Arabian sea.

Colomb Beach Fishing Boat
Colomb Beach comprises of friendly community of mostly local fishermen and their families.

The Vibe

Also known as the fishermen’s village, this place has a typical lazy vibe of fishermen community native to this region. After navigating your way through the rocks and palm trees, once you arrive at the Colomb beach, you may not get the usual tout-welcome here as this is a relatively close beach which enjoys its natural privacy.

Beach Facing Cottage House At Colomb Beach In South Goa
Beach Facing Cottage House At Colomb Beach.

The Season

However, the sleepy routine life of this town is disrupted around October of every year when the tourist season begins. At this time of the year, residents of this town start to vacate their houses and move to deeper locations within the town; They rent out these vacant places to visitors who often come to such beaches for a longer stay. Also, some makeshift cafes and restaurants pop up during this time to serve the visitors.

This beach doesn’t get too crowded though! In fact many visitors who come to explore South Goa, are not aware of this secluded place. However, Colomb beach receives a decent enough inflow of travellers due to its location between the two highly rated beaches of South Goa, Palolem beach to its north and Patnem beach to its south.

Village View At Colomb Beach In South Goa
Colomb Beach Shore, South Goa | Blog By District Mumbai

Accommodation & Food

Tourist facilities at this beach are seasonal; So you should not expect a high deal of comfort in homestays or beach-huts here, though the standards of accommodation are rapidly improving off-late! As far as food is concerned, you can expect some fine fresh Goan-food prepared by the locals, in addition to some lovely European, North Indian and Kashmiri food options available nearby. Vegetarian food is easily available and vegan food can be prepared upon request and specific instructions.

Additional Info

Sea-water at the shore is shallow with gentle waves. Colomb beach is one of the safest places in Goa to take a dip in the sea.

Reaching Colomb beach is not a hard task either! This little bay is well-connected and easily accessible by cabs, auto-rickshaws & 2-wheelers from nearby Palolem & Patnem beaches. However, in case you are getting your own car then you may have a hard time finding a safe parking-spot on the narrow strip of road that leads to the beach.

Sunset View At Colomb Beach In South Goa
Sunset View At Colomb Beach In South Goa


Comprising a friendly community of mostly local fishermen and their families, it’s a clean beach that offers basic tourist facilities. All in all, Colomb beach is an ideal place for travellers with minimalistic lifestyle who are looking for long-term stay.

When here, don’t miss out:

Night View At Colomb Beach In South Goa
Twilight Evening Hour View Of Colomb Beach In South Goa.

Neptune’s Point, Silent Noise Weekend Headphone Party – A unique experience of its kind! Where organisers provide a headphone to each visitor before entering the venue; this headphone can tune into 3 channels depending on listeners music preferences. There are usually 3 Dj’s who play live music into the 3 different channels which can be heard via the headphone. Each visitor dances to the tunes of energetic live music by tuning into their preferred channel via the headphone interface. The 3 type of music choices are usually English, Bollywood & Regional.

Food & beverages are served here separately. It’s a completely energetic experience without disturbing the nearby local population. Neptune’s Point, Silent Noise Weekend Headphone Party is organized only on weekends during tourist season (Oct-Mar) at the northern end of Colomb beach (i.e. southern end of Palolem beach) on the rocky patch that separates Palolem and Colomb beach. The event involves an entry fee (approximately Rs. 900) which includes the headphones but doesn’t include food and beverages cost.

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