She Said! : A Poem On Crime Against Women

She Said - A Poem On Crime Against Women - Featured Image District Mumbai Blog

She Said is a poem by District Mumbai Blog on crimes against women. Today many women around the world are victims of gender based discrimination, domestic violence, physical abuse & other heinous crimes; With our poem “She Said”, we raise our voice in support with others who are fighting for the cause.

With “She Said” poem, District Mumbai Blog aims to raise awareness towards the issue of heinous crimes being committed against women. If you’d like to show your support and voice your opinion then feel free to use the reaction icons and comment section at the end of this post. If you would like to amplify our message then please don’t hesitate in sharing this piece of content with your friends.

Beneath the wisdom tree she sits,

Amidst bright leaves and flowers;

Telling the world what she would do,

If it was within her powers.

She’d civilize the unruly one,

Be it friend or foe;

And drive them away from their trackless paths,

Who think of her so low.

With a strong nerve she would fight all those,

Who think she’s weak, in their mind;

And strike down every single crook,

Who tries to keep her confined.

She would wage a war against those,

Who keep assassinating her character;

Mind you! When she comes to fighting her cause,

She won’t need any barrister.

She would bravely face her sinners,

Even if they attempt to hide behind the loop-holed law;

For when she fights for justice,

The whole Universe witnesses in awe.

She would soothe the oppressed ones,

And battle each doubting head;

She vows to never shrink from pain,

But keep bravely rising instead.

I’m a woman, she says,

A woman, who has given birth to this world;

And you think of me as weak,

Is your vision so blurred?

The creator himself gave me the power to create,

She exclaimed! I’ve amassed all powers within me;

Your soul, your body & your strength which you use to oppress her,

Was given to you by a woman! Your mother, who is also referred to as “She”.

She finally asks the silent world,

Why does it take a crime to wake?

If it ever happens with one of yours,

Would you ever take?

What caused her cheeks to pale;

Why did she cease to speak;

What made her fingers clenched;

Did you ever seek?

It’s time you identify the suffering ones,

Go talk to them and get them out;

Such a lifeless planet our Earth would be,

Without a woman! Do you even doubt?

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