Poem By A Cigarette Quitter: Quit Smoking

Poem By A Cigarette Quitter - Please Quit Smoking

On this World No-Tobacco Day, District Mumbai presents a short and meaningful poem by a cigarette quitter, along with an appeal to quit smoking. Tobacco is solely responsible for millions of deaths worldwide & the count just keeps increasing with each passing year.

They say, there is no perfect day to do a good deed; it can be done on any day and at any time of the year. Today, on World No-Tobacco Day pledge with us to quit smoking and make a better society for yourself, your near ones and for your future generations. Enjoy the poem, hope it helps you! Of course, if you feel like, share it!

I thought it was a little comforter,

That I used to carry in my pocket;

No, it was not a woman’s poster,

Nor any heart-shaped lovers locket.

It was neither my shiny wallet,

Nor my precious phone;

Slow poison as some may call it,

It was cigarettes whom I called my own.

My cigarettes – little brown and white,

Would accompany me till things got clear;

I thought it used to make me feel lite,

When they were here and near.

One day, my doctor sent me a warning letter,

While my life-plans kept growing steadily;

I though my cigarettes were much better,

But my life was about to change unexpectedly.

I believed cigarettes helped me navigate through the stress of life,

And helped me manage my joys & sorrow;

Just then, doctor strictly told my wife,

If I don’t quit, I might have no tomorrow.

With deteriorating health I soon realized,

That the comforter what I called pleasure;

Had indeed got me penalized,

And that, all I possessed was a smoky treasure.

I was lucky enough to know in time,

And before it was too late, I stopped;

For if I didn’t, I would’ve committed a huge crime,

And my time on Earth surely would’ve been chopped.

Now I live a tobacco-free life,

As sweet as it was before;

I live guilt-free with my wife,

And my kid who recently turned four.

I can now face the strife of life,

With all my senses steady;

Be it a run for an hour or five,

For I’m always ready.

You too can quit to smoke,

With little will-power and courage;

Don’t get carried away by your fellow folks,

Instead inspire them and encourage.

There is more to life than this petty smoke,

You’ll realise it when you cross the bridge;

You can still laugh and dance and crack some joke,

While enjoying your favourite desserts from the fridge.

Please quit smoking, please quit smoking,

If not for yourself, but for your family at least;

For your smoke feast, sends them choking,

And with you, their chances of getting ill have increased.

Every smoker understands what I mean,

I do not need to state them;

But if you still wish to read in between,

Then all that’ll be left to do later, is just condemn.

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