Hear It, Feel It & Live It: I Resolve Poem

Hear It Feel It Live It - I Resolve Poem Featured Image District Mumbai

Here’s a short but mighty powerful little poem for our readers at District Mumbai. We hope it helps you keep pursuing on your chosen path in life. The message here is loud and clear, just keep going! Let us know in the comments below how you liked it and you can also share some of your experiences with us, if you’d like to.

If you’re hesitant for any task to do,

I want to tell my friend, to you –

Do it.

If you’re reluctant for any thing to say,

That is true and needed, whether yeah or nay –

Say it.

If you’re lucky to possess any thing to love,

Just treat it as a blessing from above –

Love it.

If you’re privileged and have any thing to give,

That someone else’s joy may live –

Give it.

If there’s some hollow-truth that you doubt,

Even though, the whole world hoots, cheers and shouts –

Doubt it.

If you’re aware of what torch to light,

That can guide all of mankind through the moonless night –

Light it.

If you’ve got any fond memory to hold,

Next to your heart, before it goes cold –

Hold it.

If you doubt yourself with your goals to meet,

Let me tell you, it’s OK, at times to have a cold feet –

Meet it.

If you’re blessed with the power to see,

Persist! At the end of this tunnel, a source of light should be –

See it.

There’ll soon come your turn to show,

How mighty, this child of the creator can grow –

Show it.


Whether days are dark or clear,

Keep this sweet message here and near.

If possible, spread it down to every ear –

Share it.

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