On this World No-Tobacco Day, District Mumbai presents a short and meaningful poem by a cigarette quitter, along with an appeal to quit smoking.

With each passing day social media is becoming more influential. However, some people use it as a manipulative tool; which we've tried to highlight.

Today many women around the world are victims of discrimination, violence and other heinous crimes; She Said is a poem on crime against women.

We visit the period in history of Mumbai city, when the first Volunteer Corps called the "Bombay Volunteer Rifles" was set-up.

Early entrepreneurial & commercial journey of Mumbai city, from the 17th to 20th century that led it to become the financial capital of today's India.

This short poem will inspire you to refuse to quit and just keep going on your chosen path in life. Refuse to quit: keep going by District Mumbai.

Here's a short but mighty powerful little poem for our readers at District Mumbai. We hope it helps you keep pursuing on your chosen path in life.

Application for Birth Certificate can now be made online, in this post we'll learn how. Also if you are an adult with no Birth Certificate, here is the way!

Here is the list of all the wards in Mumbai along with their Covid Control Room contact numbers. This is in addition to BMC Helpline Number 1916.

Get to know in depth about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) of Mumbai. This lavish airport is loaded with amenities and facilities!